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Know It All

Since early 2004 I have been doing a regular column in Geare magazine, called 'Know It All'. In each one I endeavour to explain how something works.

These are those columns.

Title About Geare Issue
When Only the Best Will Do How even the world's worst digital audio cable still delivers the goods Issue #57, 2009
Entertai1n1n6 Numb3rs How video frames are counted Issue #56, 2009
The Weird and Wacky World of Video compression How Video Compression works Issue #55, 2009
The Hybrid, or the Half Electric Car How Hybrid Cars work Issue #54, 2009
Elevator To Heaven How To Get To Space In Comfort Issue #53, 2009
Nuclear Power How Nuclear Power works Issue #52, 2008
Inside the Bomb How Atomic Bombs work Issue #51, 2008
Why We Don't Work How We work Issue #50, 2008
Little changes, big results How Life works Issue #49, 2008
How To Stop A Tank How HEAT Weapons work Issue #48, 2008
Standby Standoff How not to save power with your TV Issue #47, 2008
Squeezing stuff to size How Data Compression works Issue #43, 2007
Natural energy How Renewable Energy works Issue #42, 2007
Waves of power How Electrical Power Distribution works Issue #41, 2007
By Your Bootstraps How Computer Booting works Issue #39, 2006
Decoding Digits How Digital Signals work Issue #38, 2006
Going Down How Scuba Diving works Issue #37, 2006
Catching the Ball How Hawk Eye works Issue #36, 2006
Bang Bang How Guns works Issue #35, 2006
Position, Position, Position How GPS works Issue #34, 2005
Podcasting How Podcasting works Issue #33, 2005
Holograms, or Seeing in the Round How Holograms work Issue #32, 2005
Pretty in Prints How Laser Printers work Issue #31, 2005
SCRAM Snails! How Scramjet engines work Issue #30, 2005
From Farts to Fuel How Fuel Cells work Issue #29, 2004
Raising the Bar How RFID works Issue #28, 2004
Over the Rainbow How Three Panel Projectors work Issue #27, 2004
Broken DVD secrets How DVD encryption got broken Issue #26, 2004
Safety through scrambling How data encryption works Issue #25, 2004
Reflected Glory How DLP projectors Work
With a note on how I got it wrong!
Issue #24, 2004