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Does your device really display 4K?

That’s far from certain. A surprising number of 4K devices will downscale high resolution still images to 1080p, then upscale them again, losing detail in the process. This can be hard to see with regular photos, so here is a … Continue reading

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Another nail in the 24 bit audio coffin

24 bit audio resolution is vital in modern digital recording. And in mixing. And in processing. But it’s increasingly looking pointless in music delivery at the consumer level. I’ve previously reported on the inability of listeners to distinguish between high … Continue reading

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Doubting measurements

The other day I was reviewing some very high quality bookshelf-sized loudspeakers, and decided I’d check their bass extension. What I measured was quite at odds with both my listening impressions and the manufacturer’s specifications. The makers say 50 hertz … Continue reading

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Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe on Neil Young’s high res audio kickstarter

So it turns out that Neil Young in raising money via Kickstarter to develop a high resolution music store and player (‘Pono’), based around 192kHz, 24 bit audio. The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe had an interesting discussion on in … Continue reading

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Is digital inferior to analogue audio?

Linn Products is a very famous UK high fidelity equipment firm. It really came to prominence in the 1970s in making the argument that the turntable had been overlooked as a critical component in the playback chain. It’s contribution at … Continue reading

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Spam Art

The motivations of spammers are clear: they’re hoping to worm their way onto a blog or into someone’s consciousness in order to attract business. But why would anyone think that an attempted blog comment consisting of almost nothing but 1 … Continue reading

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Washed out shows on SBS2

What’s going on at SBS2? I’m rather enjoying some of the shows they are running there Koupit viagru bez pÅ™edpisu , including the excellent ‘Orphan Black’, a smart sci-fi thriller. But some of the shows look very washed out. That … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered how they get the sound so loud in cinemas, not to mention rock concerts? It isn’t by applying lots of power, although that helps. Mostly it is by using highly efficient loudspeakers. That is, loudspeakers that … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Hifi-Writer

Happy New Year all. For those interested, occasionally I do a little political/economic opinionating , which I try to keep well away from this Blog. For those interested, I’ve got a piece up at ABC’s The Drum in which … Continue reading

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That’s the number of spam comments for one post that Akismet has rejected from just one blog post buy levitra cheap , I see. All were (attempted to be) posted in the last eight hours. Something about the title or … Continue reading

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