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On a completely different topic

I try not to litter this blog with my political views, except when they are relevant to home entertainment stuff. But if anyone is interested, I’ve had a piece published on Unleashed/The Drum on the ABC website in which I … Continue reading

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Hail Hosting Matters

This web site is hosted by a US outfit called Hosting Matters. I selected it some years ago after checking out a couple of websites I admire. I had previously been with Bigpond. It was charging about $AUS60 per month … Continue reading

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Keep those fingers under control

Since I got the iPad I’ve been using this really cool facility called to keep the articles I’m currently working on in sync between the iPad and the main computer. You get 2GB of storage for free, and it … Continue reading

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A note on my attitude

I hope I’m not coming across too strident about the cable stuff I’ve been writing about lately. Or, rather, I hope my stridency is not putting readers off. Please feel free to disagree with me on this or any other … Continue reading

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I’ve got to confess that I sometimes think that Apple products are overrated (I’m a CP/M, MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows XP nerd from way back). But now, thanks to Santa, I have an iPad, and I’m still … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned I’m on twitter?

If not — or even if I have — you can follow me here:¬†!/stephencdawson

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A Letter to the Old Country

Yesterday I received a Blu-ray player produced by a very highly regarded UK company, which shall remain nameless. This is not a cheap Blu-ray player. But oddly it seemed rather deficient on the HDMI audio output front, not having anything … Continue reading

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Free speech

I don’t normally sign petitions and join things. In part that’s because I’m weird enough to find most popular movements to be out and out wrong, or at least wrong in enough big parts to consider them more negative than … Continue reading

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To spam, or not to spam!

There are various spambots out there that look for blog commenting facilities to which they can add advertisements for some or other crap. By definition whatever they are advertising is crap, or they wouldn’t use such underhanded methods. Since I … Continue reading

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Just what you want to see on parcel tracking

My youngest daughter is waiting for a new iPod Nano, ordered on-line. This is the tracking page for the item from TNT International: SZ1 is somewhere in China. It took one day to get from there to Hong Kong. Three … Continue reading

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