I’ve got to confess that I sometimes think that Apple products are overrated (I’m a CP/M, MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows XP nerd from way back). But now, thanks to Santa, I have an iPad, and I’m still looking for significant problems with it.

Oh, I wouldn’t want to type a novel on it, or even a lengthy blog post. But the on-screen keyboard is surprisingly adequate (especially in landscape mode), and, anyway, I’m typing this post using the Apple wireless (ie. Bluetooth) keyboard.

Rather than typing this into the WordPress app, which tends to lag somewhat in the appearance of keystrokes onto the screen, I’m using the free app PlainText 1.3. This hooks directly into the file synchronising system and is very responsive. I shall cut and paste back into WordPress presently.

All I have to do, now, is get used to the keyboard conventions of an Apple keyboard.

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