Hail Hosting Matters

This web site is hosted by a US outfit called Hosting Matters. I selected it some years ago after checking out a couple of websites I admire. I had previously been with Bigpond. It was charging about $AUS60 per month to host my site, with significant limitations on data size and bandwidth. Hosting Matters charged $US59.60 per six months, and pushed both limitations up by about an order of magnitude.

More recently, it has effectively removed even those constraints. The price is still the same. The service has been uniformly excellent.

But over the past year or so WordPress updates have been flaky. It’s one of those things that I’ve been meaning to do something about for ages. Night before last I finally got around to it, and lodged a ‘Ticket’ asking if I needed to change some settings to make it work properly. (A Ticket is a help request.)

It turns out that my site was on an older server, and, in addition, the most recent attempt to update WordPress had broken something in my installation so that my WordPress dashboard no longer worked (although the site was still accessible as a user.)

So within 18 hours the folk at Hosting Matters had migrated my site to a new server and performed an automatic WordPress update. It now works perfectly. Next update will be the test I suppose, but I’m pretty confident after this kind of service.

All for less than $US10 per month.


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