Politically correct Bee Gees

When I was quite young (about 13) my father sometimes worked at a second job as a security guard. On one occasion he had a job at a concert of the Bee Gees at the local theatre. My sister and I went and enjoyed the show for free. This would have been around 1970/71, well before the group’s second incarnation in disco (courtesy of Saturday Night Fever).

The three brothers constituting the Bee Gees were born in the UK, but formed their group here in Australia, where they were largely brought up. Musically they were very precocious, and I have a CD with a number of very well developed pop songs they did when they were mostly still in their teens.

One track that had eluded my collection was somewhat of a hit in Australia, called ‘Spicks and Specks’. Indeed, there’s a pop/rock music quiz show on the ABC named after the track, which refers ‘spicks and specks’ of memories.

So I hit the Apple iTunes store this evening to purchase the track. I searched on ‘Spicks and Specks’, and the result came back with a number of options, all called ‘S***ks and Specks’.

Political correctness gone mad!

Oh, incidentally, don’t buy the friggin’ track. I did, and it’s awful. Not the song, but this originated from a scratchy vinyl recording. Nasty stuff.


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