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Cabasse La Sphere

Okay, this is a little belated, but I doubt that I will ever get an opportunity to review them in my office, so I wanted to mention them here. I’m talking about the Cabasse La Sphere speaker system. Last Thursday … Continue reading

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A note on my attitude

I hope I’m not coming across too strident about the cable stuff I’ve been writing about lately. Or, rather, I hope my stridency is not putting readers off. Please feel free to disagree with me on this or any other … Continue reading

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Another Blu-ray vs DVD comparison: Great Expectations

Here it is. Here’s a sample: Meanwhile, I have an exceedingly silly movie — Good Luck Chuck — on a Testmold Blu-ray to give away. Content is same as a bought one, but no box or slick. First to ask … Continue reading

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Free Blu-ray: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Yes, yours for free: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Ask for it in comments. Australian addresses only. This is a test disc, without a box, but it works fine.

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Edith Piaf lives!

Well, kinda. When I went to see Inception at the cinema a month or two ago, I recall thinking at one point: is that Edith Piaf singing? I was ambivalent, because while it sounded like her, it also sounded too … Continue reading

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Undisclosed Bass

I’m reviewing a shiny new Denon home theatre receiver that, amongst other things, features the ability to play Internet radio. Making sure I cover everything, I explore its menus and confirm that it also plays podcasts. To test, I usually … Continue reading

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Characters punched from the same dress-up-doll book that was used for a thousand other movies, and coincidences that make the plot-line of Starship Troopers seem like a model of non-contrivance. You just know that as the world is falling apart, … Continue reading

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How black can Epson get?

Yesterday Epson flew me up to Sydney to attend at Fox Studios, well, not precisely a launch, but a briefing on its two forthcoming home theatre projectors. They will be available in November. These are somewhat of a departure for … Continue reading

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Long delayed Blu-ray reviews

I’ve allowed my Web uploading of Blu-ray reviews to lapse for a few months, but that is now corrected. So, if you’re interested in my thoughts as published in Sound and Image, Australian HI-FI or Australian Smart Home Ideas, here … Continue reading

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Finding solutions

One of the fun bits of this job is inventing protocols to unambiguously determine different aspects of performance. While this is now largely a thing of the past (since most Blu-ray players now feature full audio decoding for all codecs), … Continue reading

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