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Sony launches new Blu-ray Players, sets feline loose amongst avian rats

Well, Sony has done two launches in two days. Yesterday it unveiled a whole bunch of stuff including a 200Hz LCD TV (apparently it interpolates three new frames between each incoming real picture frame). Another new LCD TV uses hundreds … Continue reading

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At last: Universal Pictures (Australasia) Pty Ltd goes Blu-ray

I’ve been nagging Universal’s PR company on and off over the last couple of months about when the company will be going Blu-ray. Yesterday I received a press release headed: ‘Heroes: Season 2 DVD Release – October 1’. Great for … Continue reading

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Toshiba continues to provide HD DVD support

I am impressed. This afternoon I turned on my Toshiba HD-XE1 HD DVD player for the first time in a month or so. Aside from playing my collection of fifty or so HD DVDs, I find it useful to check … Continue reading

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Deinterlacing Demo

In the previous post I mentioned grabbing some video for a test clip. Here is a somewhat similar test clip I currently use. Use? Overuse! The clip is 3 minutes and 34.8 seconds long and I’ve watched bits of it … Continue reading

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HDTV vs SDTV again

Last night one of the Australian Idol judges, Marcia Hines, was wearing this brilliant jacket. Brilliant, that is, from my point of view. That’s because it was white with a strong, very narrow, closely spaced, near horizontal, black stripe. Brilliant … Continue reading

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Juno ‘Digital Copy’, let’s dig deeper

Let’s dig a little deeper into this whole ‘Digital Copy’ (DC) thing, discussed in the previous post. My brother, presently holidaying in Austria, has written to me suggesting that I ‘should install a Firefox or Maxthon browser and set up … Continue reading

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Brilliant Idea, Dumb Name

Well, here I am live-blogging at the Republican National Convention where … okay, hang on, I’m not doing that at all. Instead I’m semi-live-blogging as I attempt to grapple for the first time with a ‘Digital Copy’. In my title … Continue reading

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