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The other day I put on the excellent Warner Bros Blu-ray title, An American in Paris, and noticed something odd: the music was coming out of the front left and right speakers. I already know that this disc has seven … Continue reading

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Firmware updates

I go out to my office this morning, planning to finish off my combo review of the two new Panasonic Blu-ray players, the DMP-BD60 and the DMP-BD80. I switch on the system. The BD60 is plugged in at the moment. … Continue reading

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It’s Not Anamorphic

In my disc database I have tick boxes to describe the presentation of the main feature of the disc. These include ‘Pan and Scan’, ‘Widescreen Anamorphic’, ‘Widescreen Non-anamorphic’ and ‘Widescreen cropped’. Pretty much by habit I’ve been ticking the ‘Widescreen … Continue reading

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Madman launches Blu-ray

Unexpectedly, I received in the mail today the first Blu-ray released by Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd. This company releases lots of Anime titles here, plus lots of independent movies. The Blu-ray was for the 1986 animated movie: The Transformers: The … Continue reading

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