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Plasma advice

Neil writes: … making sense of the plasma thing. We are getting conflicting messages from different hifi magazines. The last online review we found sang the praises of the Hitachi 32 pd3000. The size is right for our room. Any … Continue reading

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Room size and bass

Dave from Cheltenham writes: I came across a comment on an audio website recently that said something to the effect that a small room or a large room will reduce bass response from speakers. I have a pair of Tannoy … Continue reading

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CD emphasis calls for caution in ripping

There is a little-known feature of CDs called emphasis. This is primarily a noise and distortion reduction mechanism, provided for when CDs were first designed over twenty years ago. In short, the idea is that the engineer boosts the treble before … Continue reading

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A socially useful application of home entertainment technology

While I have no doubt at all that my current line of work is far more socially useful than my previous employment as a government servant, I am still sometimes niggled by, what shall I say … perhaps a lack … Continue reading

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Phase 2 of the Home Entertainment Dictionary complete

Well, I’ve worked my way through the Dictionary of Home Entertainment, fixing up the silliest entries and richly cross-linking terms. So now I’m happy with it, but only as far as it goes. Phase 3 will consist of adding the (gasp!) … Continue reading

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Recording 96kHz, 24 bit PCM to DVD

I had this wonderful idea for an article, which I promptly put to the editor of Australian HI-FI and which he equally promptly accepted. The idea: Obviously recording LPs to CDs is old-hat. But now that DVD burners for computers are coming … Continue reading

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The Home Entertainment Dictionary improves a little

I’ve been doing a bit of work on the Dictionary of Home Entertainment. I’ve added a number of terms and definitions, filled all but one of the missing definitions, and enriched the internal links up to and including dither. In the process … Continue reading

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Dithering has two meanings. The first is what I’ve been doing lately, although I have submitted my latest Institute of Public Affairs Reviewcolumn, plus a lengthy piece to Australian HI-FI on … dithering. In this latter context dither is noise added to … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Home Entertainment is up

It is incomplete, has a great deal more internal linking to be added and, no doubt, some more terms. Consider it to be a work in progress. Nevertheless, with 122 entries so far, I think there is enough information in … Continue reading

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Subjective vs Objective testing

Here’s a report of a study that bears somewhat on the problem of assessing the performance of home entertainment equipment. In brief, it seems that statistical models are significantly better at predicting outcomes, diagnosing illness and all sorts of other … Continue reading

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