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Death on Oz?

Incredible! I’m listening to a recent episode of the Skeptoid podcast, this one on Hollywood myths. It turns out that some people actually believe that the suicide of a Munchkin was recorded on film in The Wizard of Oz. Brian … Continue reading

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Lots and lots of comments

The other day I mentioned that I had a political piece on the ABC website: Unleashed. That piece, called ‘The real defence exception’, now has 454 comments. Having a look through them was pretty instructive, I thought. Have a look … Continue reading

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The next big advance?

So it turns out that Peter Jackson is shooting his Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, in 3D and at 48 frames per second. Virtually all filming for cinema is done at 24fps of course, and one of the … Continue reading

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Is 3D TV bad for your health?

That’s what’s argued here. It’s called ‘binocular dysphoria‘, which Wikipedia calls a ‘hypothesized condition’, noting that ‘there is no peer reviewed evidence of this condition’. If you’re worried, just keep it down to one 3D movie a week.

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The many faces of 3D

If anything demonstrates how our senses provide us with a useful abstraction of the world, rather than a photographic image, it is surely the various 3D technologies now proliferating. The sensation of 3D is a weird thing. At some engine-room … Continue reading

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On a completely different topic

I try not to litter this blog with my political views, except when they are relevant to home entertainment stuff. But if anyone is interested, I’ve had a piece published on Unleashed/The Drum on the ABC website in which I … Continue reading

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No, the Nazis weren’t the first

Apparently someone has found a couple of half hour 3D movies made by the Nazis back in 1936. Well, what better excuse could there be for expressing one’s amused contempt for America? This occurs in the UK lefty newspaper¬†The Guardian … Continue reading

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What is Blu-ray 3D?

Last year saw a nearly unique sporting event in Australia. For only the second time in its 113 year history, the Australian Rules football grand final ended in a draw. This is so rare simply because the rules of the … Continue reading

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Metropolis cometh, Buenos Aires version

To say the movie Metropolis is influential would be an understatement. Some 84 years old, it still scores 8.4, putting it at #94 on IMDB’s Top 250 list. Last week a new episode of Futurama (‘The Mutants Are Revolting‘)¬†was on … Continue reading

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