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Is M. Night Shyamalan about to uptick?

M. Night Shyamalan has, as I’ve previously written, been on a steady decline since The Sixth Sense, falling from a well-deserved IMDB rating of 8.2 to Kup Flagyl bez recepty , most recently, a dreadful one of 4.5. But I … Continue reading

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Mad Max

And here’s another Blu-ray vs DVD comparison: Mad Max. Believe me Kup Doxycycline bez recepty , this one’s worth it. Sample:

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The Sound of Blu-ray reviews

I’ve been updating my Blu-ray review page and will probably be doing so for a few more days. Lots of last year’s reviews are up there now (look for the ‘Added’ tags) , including a few Blu-ray 3Ds. I’ve … Continue reading

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If you like learning more about sound and music, and the scientific basis thereof, may I suggest subscribing to the podcast Scopes Monkey Choir. It’s about 40 minutes long each week or two and covers things from (most recently) how … Continue reading

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Harry Harrison dead

Yesterday, apparently. A fine science fiction writer whose works were, according to IMDB, barely represented in the movie stakes. His only novel to make it to the big screen was Make Room! Make Room!, which became Soylent Green with Charlton … Continue reading

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The Loudness War

Here’s a brief video on how processing of sound in order to make it louder also makes it worse: (The clip isn’t appearing in Preview, so here’s the direct link.) The example is somewhat overdone , but there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Are songs getting ‘louder’?

Statistician William M Briggs features on his excellent blog an occasional series of posts dedicated to proving that modern music is crap , at least in comparison to older music. Although there are hints that The Beatles represent the … Continue reading

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