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Canberra ‘Elite’ Cabs

Here’s a message that I tried to submit to Canberra ‘Elite’ Taxis this evening: Yet again the web booking system will not work for me. I enter the details Koupit Lioresal v Praze Buy Amoxil UK If you are selling, … Continue reading

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Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly, hmmm

It seems that a movie about the great Grace Kelly is being made. This covers a year in her post-Hollywood life. It will be interesting to see how it goes. She is being played by Nicole Kidman. I think Kidman … Continue reading

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Momentarily Spooky

Week before last Samsung did its 2013 TV launch. Included was its 85 inch 4K model, which it’s treating like a super custom install. They’re produced to order, you get free ‘Evolution’ upgrades for a few years and a tech … Continue reading

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Say no more

From the marvellous XKCD:

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The end of a mini-era

I’ve been doing a column in The Canberra Times for fifteen years. Today is the last one. The paper is now owned by Fairfax, a company which seems to be trying to tighten its belt, so from now on the … Continue reading

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I’ve replaced the aging Blu-ray drive in my computer with a shiny new LG one. Amongst other things, this one burns Blu-ray discs rather than merely reading them. And, I see from the LG website, it also supports the new … Continue reading

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Ho Chi Cruise

Strange habits that I have, last night I was watching the very fair and even-handed 1969 documentary short 79 Primaveraseras. The title translates to ‘79 Springs’ or perhaps ‘79 Seasons’, and concerns the life of Ho Chi Minh, former North … Continue reading

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