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Number 1 and Number 11 hitting Blu-ray in Australia!

Warner Bros advises that from 4 March to 1 April 2009 you will be able to purchase The Shawshank Redemption and Casablanca in Australia, in high definition on Blu-ray, for $AUS29.95. Number 1 and Number 11 refer, respectively, to their … Continue reading

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Who is bringing Miss Potter into the US?

The US arm of has the Blu-ray version of Miss Potter listed for sale on its website. Under ‘Product Details’ it has ‘Studio’ listed as ‘101 DISTRIBUTION’. I emailed 101 Distribution because I wanted to see if it was … Continue reading

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Nailing Down An Issue

You may have noticed that in my previous post I didn’t mention which Blu-ray player I was using. That’s because I don’t like accusing players of misbehaviour until I’m very certain of my ground. Since doing that post I’ve been … Continue reading

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Miss Potter shall be amongst my most-played Blu-ray discs

In an earlier post I noted that the newly released Blu-ray of Miss Potter runs at 25 frames per second, rather than the usual 24. So it appears to have been sped up, for no good reason. I made reference … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn on Progressive Rock

In discussing his new book A Song for the Season on ‘Counterpoint’ on ABC Radio, Canadian writer Mark Steyn remarks: I think I say somewhere in the book, while it’s not technically true that inside every great freeform progressive rock … Continue reading

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Was HDMI ‘designed to degrade the signal’?

I noticed a comment recently on a movie website to the effect that HDMI hobbles burnt DVDs. I followed up and ‘C.B.’ replied in part: Since getting the Bravia, I noticed that DVDs I burned are markedly poorer in quality … Continue reading

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The Wall Street Journal on the re-ordering of the music recording industry

The Wall Street Journal today has an interesting piece on how international record companies are gradually accommodating themselves to the fact of digital technology. As it puts it: But after suing some 35,000 music fans for illegally downloading songs, music … Continue reading

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IceTV saves the day

I am a huge fan of the US TV show ‘Heroes‘. But it has been hard to watch, thanks to the TV station here, PrimeTV, shuffling it around the TV programming schedule. Season 3 came to a premature end late … Continue reading

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Viva Blu-ray!

There is war in the world, and possibly a major economic problem, so I am going to outline the reasons I like Blu-ray with reference to my experience last Thursday night. My wife and I had some time to kill, … Continue reading

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