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iPod weirdness

Since home theatre receivers are now coming thick and fast with bridges for Apple iPods (Gen 3 and later), Apple has kindly lent me a very fancy iPod indeed. It does video, has a 60GB hard disk and so on. … Continue reading

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TDK Blu-ray recordables arriving

TDK has commencing shipping recordable Blu-ray discs. Its initial two offerings are a 25GB BD-R (Blu-ray Disc Recordable) and a 25GB BD-RE (Rewritable – so why not ‘RW’?) Australian US prices will be $US19.99 and $US24.99 respectively. Clearly, that’s pretty … Continue reading

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To Interlace or De-interlace

Interlacing is becoming an important matter these days. Why? Because our TV screens are getting bigger, so the problems it can cause are becoming far more obvious. So what is interlacing? Back in the early days of TV, the engineers … Continue reading

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Freakishly good and bad transfers

Ages ago I promised to compare two Australian DVDs of Tod Browning’s 1932 kinda horror flick Freaks. Well, belatedly, here I go. Of the two DVDs, one is from Siren Visual Entertainment (the top one in the picture to the … Continue reading

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