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Cabasse in Sydney

Well I’ve just landed in Sydney to see what the latest goodies from French firm Cabasse are (see my last experience of La Sphere). I’m at T2 having flown here and they’ve arranged Uber transportation, which is apparently contracted hire … Continue reading

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Another dozen reviews

I’ve been adding more of my reviews over on the appropriate page, a dozen in fact, including some damned fine movies. Just look for the bold ‘added’ items.

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My God, it’s Kurtwood Smith!

From a Wall Street Journal tech report: Yep, that guy in the middle. Or maybe it’s not. Imagine looking like the murderer of Peter Weller and, consequently, a contributor to the creation of Robocop: Köp Cialis Receptfritt

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Lake Placid

Just received a press release for a DVD for the latest in the unexpected monster-in-the-lake franchise, Lake Placid. The new one is called Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. I ducked over to IMDB to see what it might be like … Continue reading

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Another view: high res audio is a waste

If you want to know lots about how digital audio works, and a pretty damned convincing explanation as to why high resolution audio (24 bit, up to 192kHz sampling) is a waste, I can’t recommend too highly this piece from … Continue reading

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Two things I remember from computer magazines from the days when both computers and I were young were: code segments and benchmarks. There’d be chunks of computer code that you could type in. Some were merely small routines, some were … Continue reading

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Interesting way of getting sound

Watch this video and see if you can see how it works: The Kaiser Baas product, called the ‘CONTACT’, is just under $60. My first thought was that it senses the vibration, or has a little microphone built in. But … Continue reading

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A Bit of Bluegrass

Do click. It’s worth it.

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Why do they do it?

I was looking for fine music — multichannel if possible — to listen to earlier today. But I didn’t want to switch on the projector or a TV to navigate through menus, so that ruled out (sort of) DVD Audio. … Continue reading

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½ a decibel louder

I rather like audiophile music brands. It’s nice to have recordings captured with integrity, often with higher than usual resolution, sometimes with surround sound. I like Blue Coast Records for just that reason. I’ve downloaded one of its DSD files … Continue reading

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