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Utter classics on Blu-ray

I have just stumbled across the website of UK firm Eureka Video, which has over the years released some truly high quality DVDs of superb movies. It turns out it is now doing the same with Blu-ray in its Master … Continue reading

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The flexible eye again

From another old post, but I thought I’d actually include the picture this time, since the source website says ‘These checkershadow images may be reproduced and distributed freely’. The squares marked A and B are the same level or brightness … Continue reading

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The continuing price reductions

One advantage of having to manually load all the old Blog entries into the new platform is that I rediscover some of them. For example, back in August 2005 I wrote about the reduction in price of a 40 inch … Continue reading

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Another Blu-ray giveaway – The Da Vinci Code

Actually, two discs because it is the 2 disc special edition version. These are ‘Testmold’ discs, which means they don’t have proper labels and so forth, nor a proper Blu-ray box, nor a slick, but they work just like bought … Continue reading

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Oppo BDP-80 available

I quite stumbled upon this today: Oppo Digital has a new lower cost Blu-ray player available, the BDP-80. It is not as bulky and drops the Anchor Bay Technology VRS video processing, the dedicated stereo analogue outputs and the IR … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs DVD comparison — The Deer Hunter

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these, but go here for the comparison for this fine movie. I’ll be reviewing the Blu-ray for the next issue of Smart Home Ideas, so I watched it again last … Continue reading

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Changes: LED in, Wireless video out

On Tuesday I went to Sydney, courtesy of Sony, to see Sony’s latest launch. I’ve written about it for Monday’s Canberra Times, with particular attention to the introduction of a 3D product line up in July this year. But a … Continue reading

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John Cazale

One of my editors asked if I could include The Deer Hunter in my next batch of Blu-ray reviews since it was his favourite movie ever. I’m happy to oblige, of course, and his request prompted me to start ripping … Continue reading

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Blu-ray firmware – time to be up-front

Recently I’ve looked at a couple of Blu-ray players where they appear to be sticking to the old consumer electronics model: put a finished product on the shelf and have nothing more to do with it until it breaks. That … Continue reading

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Toshiba’s Blu-ray Player

I’ve just been going through the most recent Sound and Image magazine, available right now. It has a great stack of my reviews of Blu-ray players. That includes the Toshiba BDX2000KY (which isn’t listed on Toshiba’s Australian website for some … Continue reading

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