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DVI wobbles

I’m presently working on a review of the InFocus ScreenPlay 5700 projector — a widescreen model aimed squarely at the PAL market since it uses Texas Instruments’ 1,024 by 576 pixel ‘Matterhorn’ DMD — for Best Buys. And nice as … Continue reading

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How loud does it go?

Francisco from Portugal writes: I’m trying to do a project for a rehearsal studio for my band, and so I’m studying acoustics. I’m trying to determine the sound level in dB that we will have inside the studio.So I’d like … Continue reading

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ABC and SBS do HD

In the midst of doing all those display reviews, I borrowed a DGTEC DG-5000i set top box. As I suspected, both ABC and SBS are now broadcasting their 20 hours per week of high definition digital. According to the Digital … Continue reading

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Lileks, Disney, Mussorgsky, Stokowski and Bach

In Monday’s typically elegant Bleat, James Lileks analyses the musical and animation content of Disney’s Fantasia, with a particular emphasis on Modest Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain. To be honest, I’m not especially familiar with the movie (the DVD version … Continue reading

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Guilt and kilohertz and high definition

I am very, very sorry to those who have been visiting here the last ten days to find, well, nothing new. There is a reason for it. For the past few weeks I’ve been executing subroutine [bulk_reviews]. This time around … Continue reading

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Listening to the tune

I’ve just been skimming the September 2003 issue of Klips, a newsletter published by Jim Tate Stereo in South Australia. Quite interesting, but I simply must object to one part that jumped off the page. It is part of a … Continue reading

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Final Japan Installment

Thursday last week in Tokyo was my last day in Japan. In the morning we went to the Panasonic Centre, which is largely a high tech display of Panasonic products, technologies and visions for the future. A fair bit of … Continue reading

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What is High Definition?

A web page for a major Australian electronics retailer says that the Fujitsu 106cm plasma display, P42VHA20 has the following features: High Definition 42-inch (16:9) 852 x 480 pixel panel Wrong! No doubt they’ve been confused by the fact that … Continue reading

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JVC’s D-ILA goes true high definition

Okay, okay. My favourite product of the show isn’t available just yet. It is a new projector — the DLA-HD2K — from JVC using its in-house developed D-ILA projection panel (this is a form of Liquid Crystal on Silicon — … Continue reading

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Back in Australia

Gee I love overnight flights, followed by a local flight that finally gets me home just a bit before lunch. Plane out of Tokyo was chockablock, so not much room for stretching there. Our first day in Tokyo was largely … Continue reading

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