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3D Blu-ray and DVD — a list

Andrew Woods, who I mentioned a couple of posts ago, also sent me a link to a list he maintains. Worth checking out: ‘The Illustrated Blu-ray 3D and 3D DVD List‘. At the moment, this list’s population of proper Blu-ray … Continue reading

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Psycho on Blu-ray

Universal is releasing Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho on Blu-ray on Wednesday. Looks brilliant. Someone claims that there is some edge enhancement. Perhaps, but if so it is extremely subtle. Anyway, here’s my Blu-ray vs DVD comparison. A sample (one that … Continue reading

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Another Free-to-air TV station!

My brother emailed me a link to this PDF announcement from Channel Ten. From early next year it will add to its current regular SD channel and to its One HD sports channel something called ’11’ (my brother wonders if … Continue reading

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Speaking of colour …

… here are a whole bunch of glorious colour photographs of Russia from before the war. That is, before World War I! Colour wasn’t easy, so they took three B&W photos in succession, using colour filters. The subjects were supposed … Continue reading

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From Anaglyph to Frame Sequential 3D

[Update: Andrew Woods, a 3D expert from Curtin University in Western Australia, emails me with regard to this post: Yes, an interesting and appealing thought. It has been tried by many, but usually with mixed results. Various methods have been … Continue reading

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Product Placement

I’m not one to get all upset about product placement in movies. I do sometimes find it quite amusing, though. Here is part of a scene from The Final Destination (on Blu-ray, naturally): And here is part of a scene … Continue reading

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Canberra Digital Radio … maybe never

Well, I’ve just been reviewing a digital radio thanks to the recent provision of a digital radio trial in Canberra. I rang ACMA for information about the power output of the trial in Canberra (1kW) and also asked when we’d … Continue reading

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I’ll call it ‘Centre’, you call it ‘Center’

As I mentioned in the previous post, Roadshow sent me the Blu-ray of the recent adventure movie, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. That’s what it’s called on the box, ie: ‘Centre’ or Australian/UK spelling. When I was typing … Continue reading

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3D Filming

Reader James emailed me a link to this video ‘review‘ of one of the stereoscopic rigs used by James Cameron in Avatar. I see that has been used in a number of other movies, including The Final Destination and Journey … Continue reading

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New Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons …

… for Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same, and the previously mentioned Pride & Prejudice (2005). The former extracts about all the detail available from the film, most of which is grain. Still, get it for the TrueHD sound.

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