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Proof of crappy video output from HDPVR

Below, my blog entry ‘We need a videophile’s High Definition Digital TV Receiver‘ puts the case that we are not getting all the picture we should be with standard definition digital TV, thanks to what I suspected was poor deinterlacing … Continue reading

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Dark Ads

Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed that Canberra’s Southern Cross Ten TV station is doing something rather strange. In the usually black space of a few seconds between the end of a block of advertisements and the recommencement … Continue reading

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HD picture quality, vs SD picture quality

The issue before last of Sound and Image magazine carries my article comparing the picture quality of SDTV and HDTV. In brief, I captured snippets of both versions of the same programs on a high definition PVR (the Strong SRT-5490), … Continue reading

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We need a videophile’s High Definition Digital TV Receiver

I’ve been struggling to get my head around this for some time. The problem has been a lack of replicable test signals. But I think I’ve got it nailed, at last. I was watching a late night movie on ABC … Continue reading

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1:1 pixel mapping – why your 1080p display should have it

Last night I started working on a blog entry on this subject, but soon after I started I realised that I was putting in too much work to just give it away. So this is just a brief taste. Full … Continue reading

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ABC Digital TV switches to full surround sound — sort of

I was watching ABC digital TV last night when I happened to notice that the home theatre receiver was indicating that the incoming digital audio was 5.0 channels, rather than the usual 2.0. To double check, I recorded a bit … Continue reading

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Who’d ever have thought it

I was perusing, as I so often do, the Internet Movie Database when I stumbled upon something quite surprising. It was that the 1929 Disney animation, ‘The Skeleton Dance‘, was banned in, of all places, Sweden. Clicking on the provided … Continue reading

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The HD format war already coming to an end?

I’ve been saying pretty much from the start that eventually there will be dual format HD DVD/Blu-ray players. But I wasn’t expecting it for maybe three or four years. Well, the pace of technological improvement continues to accelerate, and already … Continue reading

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The dirtiest joke ever on prime time TV?

We all know that ‘The Simpsons‘ is hilarious. And it sometimes pushes the boundaries for taste, usually for those who don’t quite get it. I recall hearing some young fellow ring up the John Laws radio talk back program last … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs HD DVD – is Blu-ray hobbling itself?

Some years ago I received a DVD player for review. Before I had a chance to get it out of the box, I received a call from the PR company. The previous reviewer had accidentally left a DVD in it, … Continue reading

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