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Restored Godfathers

I’ve just received a press release from Paramount Pictures Australia announcing the release on 7 August 2008 of remastered and restored versions of The Godfather, The Godfather: Part II, and The Godfather: Part III DVDs. They will be available individually, … Continue reading

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Put another prawn on the Barb-b

Icon Film Distribution Australia has been releasing a number of interesting titles on Blu-ray, including Alpha Dog, Black Sheep and We Were Soldiers. Plus 30 Days of Night. This last was shot in New Zealand and features Australian actress Melissa … Continue reading

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Australians: do not buy a full high definition Sony Bravia TV …

…¬†until 1 July. Sony will, from that date, be giving away a free Sony Playstation 3 console with each full HD Bravia TV sold. 35,000 of them. You have been warned.

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‘Home theaters will soon be able to show 3-D’

So sayeth Kevin Maney at It’s in the context of a discussion about how Hollywood is producing a spurt of improved technology 3D movies. Apparently Hollywood sees 3D screenings as a way to get people back to theatres, just … Continue reading

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Terms and Conditions

There is no real fixed system for obtaining gear for review. It’s all over the place, with different companies and relationships. Do I get to keep the stuff I review? Unfortunately, no. Otherwise I would be a very wealthy man. … Continue reading

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On the scrounge again – Sony Playstation 3 to the rescue

Today I found a package behind the screen door of my house (a remarkable number of couriers seem unable to read the ‘Stephen Dawson, Writer, Office at Rear’ sign on the house). Within was a ‘Testmold’ Blu-ray from Sony Pictures … Continue reading

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HiFi funnies of the day

[Via Transterrestrial Musings] I have huge respect for the brand Denon. Its range encompasses decent, reasonably priced stuff (nothing really mass market) through to some seriously high end gear. But I do have to wonder how it can bring itself … Continue reading

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HD Olympics 2

Much of the Olympics will, as I mentioned in the previous post, will be broadcast in Australia on Channel 7 (Prime TV in regional areas) in high definition. Some of the overflow will be carried by SBS, as agreed between … Continue reading

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