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Hiding inside the audio streams

Well, here is where a blog post was supposed to go. But it got totally out of control, and turned itself into a 1,200 word article. A very interesting one I like to think. So interesting that I ought to … Continue reading

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The Centre of the Modern Home Entertainment System

Yep, here it is: That eight port network switch hovers above my system. One port is connected to the router , of course, and the others to a home theatre receiver, a Blu-ray player, two PVRs, a Telstra T-Box … Continue reading

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More on defective vinyl

Here’s an interesting piece from Mark Waldrep, president of AIX records, which produces super high fidelity multichannel digital recordings: ‘Engineering for Vinyl’.

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Cheap, cheap memory

I see that Kogan is selling a 128GB USB drive for just $79 at the moment. Which got me to check some of the memory prices I’ve recorded in times past. For example, back in July 2010 the cheapest (on … Continue reading

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Digital TV video bitrates – January 2013

Another two stations added to the free to air offerings. There seem to have been significant changes to some of the broadcasters’ bitrates, and indeed several have changed the resolution of their broadcasts. To gather this data, on 2 through … Continue reading

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Every so often I clean out the spam ‘comments’ on this blog. These are captured very effectively by a plug-in called Akismet. Which is just as well. Because do you have any idea of the size of the problem? On … Continue reading

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