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IMDB going English

Sometime in the past few days the Internet Movie Database appears to have changed from using the original non-English names for many foreign movies. Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo is now Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the … Continue reading

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Copy Protection

Perhaps the most amazing thing about some DVDs is that they play at all, given the trouble that DVD makers go to copy protect them. This is what AnyDVD HD has to say about the Toy Story DVD (which comes … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3 – Take Two

Well, yesterday I made some remarks about the new Toy Story movie. Last night I watched the original Toy Story on Blu-ray, and after not having seen it for several years, it still stands up very nicely, and looks gorgeous. … Continue reading

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Exciting New Product from Kogan!

I’ve reviewed a few products over the years from direct to consumer importer, Kogan Technologies, and while it tends to attract derision from some of the more obnoxious home entertainment enthusiasts, I reckon it does a decent job providing so-so … Continue reading

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Pixar still has it

A while back I asked ‘How long can they keep it up?‘ I was pointing out that Pixar had delivered a total of ten movies, which at worst were very good, and eight of them were in the IMDB Top … Continue reading

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A Bit on the Slow Side

One of the enormous pleasures of being self-employed is the many exciting hours one spends doing paperwork related to taxes one must pay. Fortunately, I am in a position to temper the extreme joy by having a beer (or two) … Continue reading

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Roadshow Entertainment releases

Roadshow Entertainment releases. I see that Roadshow Entertainment will be releasing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray as a box set on 5 August 2010, with an RRP of $99.95 for anyone that wants to save a few … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs DVD comparison: Y tu mamá también

Yes, the well regarded Mexican movie Y tu mamá también (‘and your mother too’) is now out on Blu-ray. My Blu-ray vs DVD comparison shows surprisingly little difference between the two. Go here to see it. Here’s a sample: Also, … Continue reading

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3D without the glasses?

Reader James has emailed a very interesting question: I went to the movies with my 7 year old son and a couple of his friends yesterday to see the new Shrek 3D. I saw the movie at Burwood Greater union … Continue reading

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A Trip through Home Entertainment Time

A while back reader James came to my rescue with some video tapes so that I could do a VHS vs Blu-ray vs DVD comparison. I grabbed the video fairly quickly, then procrastinated for ages. In the end, though, I … Continue reading

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