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New article posted — home theatre receiver setup

This is a piece I did for Appliance Retailer earlier in the year. It ought to be useful for people who are totally lost when it comes to making the necessary adjustments to their home theatre receivers. Go here.

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Listen to me on 2UE, Saturday afternoon

Got a call from Sydney radio station 2UE this morning. They want to do a short piece on Saturday afternoon on how to set up your new Christmas DVD player etc. So they’ll be interviewing me Saturday morning and broadcasting … Continue reading

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Another Australian Technological triumph

A couple of years ago Sydney-based Lake Technology developed audio processing algorithms and hardware to make headphones sound like they’re producing surround sound. The success of this enterprise is attested to by the fact it was was duly licensed by … Continue reading

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The CD jukebox syndrome

Get the rockiest CD you can think of where the music thereon was recorded in, say, the 1970s, and play it. Then get just about any modern pop recording. Which is louder? The latter. This is not for no reason. … Continue reading

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The misuse of widescreen displays

I’ve seen them in people’s homes. I’ve seen them in a multitude of shops. I’ve seen them, incredibly, at product launches by major home entertainment equipment manufacturers. And now, once again, I’ve seen one in Iraq, courtesy of CNN. What … Continue reading

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So, how good is the picture from DVI?

Here are my thoughts on the improvements provided by a DVI interface from DVD, compared to component video from the same DVD player. I’ve lifted these from my forthcoming review of the Marantz DV8400 DVD player which will appear in … Continue reading

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DVI-D hits the mainstream with Samsung

A Samsung DVD-HD938 DVD player turned up today (with confusing model numbers, it seems to be variously known as DVD-HD938, DVD-HD937 and DVD-HD935). This is significant in two ways. Apparently the price is going to be quite low (I believe … Continue reading

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The New York Times gets it wrong

Bloggers have great fun fisking articles from the regular media. Since my stuff is published in the regular media, I ought to be cautious, but this piece from The New York Times has a few mistakes in it. And those … Continue reading

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