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Foxtel Digital Service in Canberra – A subscriber’s experience

My brother has long been an enthusiast of Foxtel. Now he’s onto the new digital service. Here’s what he writes: I booked in to get hooked up to the new interactive digital service over a month ago and it happened!!! … Continue reading

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Must Have DVD: Master and Commander

I watched the new DVD of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World last night. For some reason I didn’t catch it at the cinema. It’s a fine movie, giving a real sense of the times (early 19th … Continue reading

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Samsung DVD-HD937 DVD player availability

A number of people have contacted me about the Samsung DVD-HD937 about which I’ve previously written. Well, I made some calls — or rather attempted to make some calls — to the powers that be at Samsung here in Australia. … Continue reading

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Twentieth Century Fox sets date for release of Star Wars trilogy

The 22nd of September 2004 will see the release in Australia of the Star Wars trilogy which, thanks to the peculiar mind of George Lucas, filmed twenty years before their chronologically earlier (and rather poorer) prequels. All three of these … Continue reading

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Denon’s DVD-2200 Universal Disc Player does nearly everything

Denon has released its latest Universal Disc Player, the DVD-200, with an Australian RRP of $1,299. Naturally it supports both DVD Audio and SACD in addition to the more common disc formats. It also does bass management for both of … Continue reading

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DVD Recording goes Double Layer

Some months ago Philips announced that it had developed a double layer DVD recording enhancement for the ‘+’ variety of recording technology. This bumps up the capacity from around 4.7GB to 8.5GB. (Actually, since recordable DVDs reserve some of their … Continue reading

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New additions to the Dictionary of Home Entertainment

Now also included in the Dictionary of Home Entertainment is a new, but probably already obsolete, video connection called ‘D-Terminal‘, plus an acronym that is likely to become very important over the next few years: HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface. … Continue reading

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More on ‘judder’

The concept of picture ‘judder’, to which I referred two posts down, is very easy to show in a demonstration, but rather harder to explain in words. I’ve already received an email from a person along these lines. So rather … Continue reading

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HD dilemmas

For the last entry I was using a VisionPlus DTV card to check out the new WIN high definition TV transmission. As of today I’m using a high definition (1080i) CRT-based RPTV and a HD set top box, and this … Continue reading

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WIN TV goes HD in Canberra

Last night I went to the official opening of the new Bing Lee store in Fyshwick, Canberra. Nice store. I’ll be writing about that for Appliance Retailer sometime today (if you’re reading, James :-). There, one of the speech-makers disclosed … Continue reading

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