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Blu-ray giveaway – Splinter

Here’s a cheap horror thriller from Icon. No proper label, no box, but the movie’s fine as far as it goes: Splinter. First request in comments from an Australian resident gets it. Running time: 82 minutes Picture: 2.35:1, 1080p24, MPEG2 @ … Continue reading

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Madman & Luc Besson

It looks like Madman Entertainment has taken over pretty much the entire rights to Australian distribution of the Luc Besson oeuvre. The documentary Atlantis: A World Beyond Words and the drama Le grand bleu will both be out on Blu-ray soon, … Continue reading

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From the archives – 1998

I’ve just submitted my review column for this Monday’s The Canberra Times (the Panasonic PT-AE4000E full HD projector, if you’re interested). As I glanced through the folder containing these reviews, my eye fell on one I did back in late … Continue reading

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Region A

I see that The Criterion Collection has UK movie Walkabout, set entirely in Australia, available now on Blu-ray. Pity its stuff is Region A, so it won’t work in the great majority of Australian and UK Blu-ray players.

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Would you like a movie?

If so, the first to ask in comments can have Into the Blue, a modest thriller about beautiful people swimming around in a tropical paradise. No box, no proper disc label. I’ll post within Australia. Running time: 110 minutes Picture: 2.35:1, … Continue reading

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The Fall

What the hell is it with The Fall? This is a glorious movie, made all the way back in 2006. It had David Fincher and Spike Jonze behind it (‘presented by’). It stars Lee Pace (from ‘Pushing Daisies‘) in a … Continue reading

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Fine music and fine wine

Sometimes I think the art of listening to hifi — not for the music, but for the performance of the system — is somewhat like the art of tasting wine. Long time readers would realise from that association that I … Continue reading

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Digital Radio trial for Canberra

Well, it looks like Canberra is going to be the first ‘regional centre’ to receive digital radio, after its introduction into State capital cities last year. This will be a trial, commencing from July this year. Apparently the stations that … Continue reading

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Edge enhancement

In so many ways video technology replicates what the eye does naturally. Consider the illusion called ‘Mach Bands‘. I’ve lifted the following graphic from the Wikipedia entry to which I’ve linked: What you can see is a light grey block … Continue reading

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3D Crosstalk

When I went to the Sony 3D TV launch a couple of months ago, and to the Panasonic 3D TV launch a couple of weeks ago, both the spruikers of the new 3D technology highlighted the superiority of their system … Continue reading

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