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Wow oh wow … but I’m still an idiot

Just a couple of days after I purchased an Australian DVD release of the silent classic Metropolis, I read of a new, restored version on James Lilek’s glorious ‘The Bleat’. Taking mercy on the man (and as just a tiny downpayment on … Continue reading

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Hurry up Digital Video Interface!

Did you know that the picture quality available from DVD is crippled? And it’s all thanks to the analogue connections. It doesn’t matter whether your DVD player puts out progressive scan or interlaced video, you are not getting all the … Continue reading

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Does downloading music cost CD sales?

Tim Blair links to a story from The Scotsman which claims ‘research’ shows that people ‘who illegally download their favourite tracks from the internet still buy albums in the shops’. Hmmm. This seems to be a case of asking people questions, rather … Continue reading

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Screwing up PAL DVDs

PAL DVDs are better than NTSC DVDs in a couple of ways. One of those is higher resolution, and the other way is a cleaner sequence of frames — ones that do not produce interlacing artifacts. That is, of course, … Continue reading

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Dark Details in Plasma Displays

I recently received an email complaining about an LG Plasma display. My correspondent was very dissatisfied with the way dark levels in movies changed their brightness levels. This is taken from my response. I had actually reviewed the same model … Continue reading

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Bose’s critics

Here’s the introduction to a forthcoming review of mine to appear in The Canberra Times: If you look around the Internet you will find Web sites that aim to ‘tell the truth’ about particular businesses and products. So you will find … Continue reading

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Telarc’s height

Some Telarc DVD-Audio and SACD discs have a ‘height’ channel rather than an LFE. Personally, I think this is a rather poor idea. To see why, read this email I wrote to Telarc about it.

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Telarc’s cannons

Way back in 1978 the American audiophile record label Telarc made a recording that can be truly regarded as legendary. Using then-new digital recording technology (although in the absence of a digital consumer format, the original release was on LP), Telarc … Continue reading

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Strange happenings with DVD+R and Philips DVDR890

I’ve noticed something strange about the way Philips’ DVDR890 DVD recorder burns DVD+Rs. Here’s the first couple of lines of a DOS DIR /S command, when a duly finalised Verbatim DVD+R is in my computer’s DVD-ROM drive: Volume in drive F … Continue reading

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High Definition Camcorders on the way

Canon, Sharp, Sony and JVC announced today that they’ve agreed on a high definition consumer digital video camera format. Likely to be called ‘HDV’, this will provide for recording 720p or 1080i on standard DV format cassettes. Both 50 and 60 … Continue reading

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