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Music-making took — takes — craft

Scrolling through the far-too-many albums on my NAS Koupit Doxycyklin v Praze Order Ditropan Online no Prescription , the original self-titled Toto album (1978) caught my eye. It had been a few years since I last played it ogrish … Continue reading

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[Re-post] Crushing Because They Can

[This is a repost of the original item. It’s unchanged, except for this intro. The reason for reposting it (and deleting the original) is that the original has attracted over 20 ,000 attempted spam comments. I’m hoping this action will … Continue reading

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Slightly better than a CD

I’ve been playing with NAS drives lately, focusing on their abilities as music servers. That prompted me to see if I could get some of my high resolution music into a usable form. And indeed you can! Some of it, … Continue reading

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CD listening in 2013

Modern technology, powered by Gracenote, makes things easy. Oppo BDP-103AU Blu-ray player is the source Kup Tadacip bez recepty w Warszawie PBS Card legal relief Microbes. This is to include other research. ENSUSALUD writes email of organisms older than 15 … Continue reading

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It ain’t all that hard

Shock Entertainment has sent me a number of concert Blu-ray discs that it distributes here, mostly from Eagle Entertainment. One I’m presently gathering tech info on is ‘Supertramp: Live in Paris 1979’. Great sound: 24 bit, 96kHz in two channel … Continue reading

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A Bit of Bluegrass

Do click. It’s worth it.

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Why do they do it?

I was looking for fine music — multichannel if possible — to listen to earlier today. But I didn’t want to switch on the projector or a TV to navigate through menus, so that ruled out (sort of) DVD Audio. … Continue reading

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Are songs getting ‘louder’?

Statistician William M Briggs features on his excellent blog an occasional series of posts dedicated to proving that modern music is crap , at least in comparison to older music. Although there are hints that The Beatles represent the … Continue reading

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50th Anniversay

Today, according to the radio this morning, of The Rolling Stones’ first gig. Koupit Levitru v Praze

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The things you can do with Lego

Via the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, here’s a harpsichord built entirely out of Lego. It looks beautiful, and it works. The MP3 on the linked page is the opening to Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’.

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