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Robin Hood at the cinema

Last week I went with my family to see the new new Robin Hood movie at Hoyts at Woden. Pretty unimpressive experience, really. The movie itself was okay, if a  little Forrest Gumpy in the way that Robin was responsible … Continue reading

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Full Metal Bitrates

I’m working on something at the moment for this site, and stumbled across something interesting: the video bitrates for the original, terrible, release of Full Metal Jacket on Blu-ray, and the considerably improved, remastered Deluxe edition. The original one had … Continue reading

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Blu-ray giveaway – Atlantis

Apparently in his early years French Writer/Director Luc Besson’s parents were scuba diving instructors, so he was much taken with the ocean, but had to abandon his diving after an accident in his late teens. So it isn’t surprising that some … Continue reading

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World Cup 3D locations

SBS has announced the cities and channels on which 3D World Cup matches will be available, along with identifying the fifteen to be shown in that format. These include most of the quarter finals, both semi finals and the final … Continue reading

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Canberra and the regions lose yet again

SBS has been advertising how they are going to broadcast some 15 of the World Cup football matches in 3D. A world first, apparently. I have just telephoned them to find out who will get to see them. All capital … Continue reading

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The older Von Sydow

Last night I watched Shutter Island for the second time on Blu-ray. It is worth watching twice for reasons that you will work out after you’ve watched it the first time. One aspect of it had me puzzled. German actor … Continue reading

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Crosstalk free 3D and the art of Soccer

Through the miracle of pen and paper you are reading this many, many hours after I wrote it (actually on Wednesday evening, 2 June). I am in Sydney at a private home in the salubrious suburb of Rose Bay. Were … Continue reading

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