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World’s Weirdest Blu-ray mastering job?

Or, how Evan Almighty wastes 13,324,032,000 bytes on nothing useful at all.

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Adding colour

Well, Australia collapsed today in the cricket, losing badly to England. I didn’t realise this until I switched on the system to find ‘Gilligan’s Island’ showing instead. And, wow, how awful was the picture from ‘Gilligan’s Island’? Okay, the particular … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3 – Blu-ray vs DVD comparison

Well, belatedly, here it is. As I mentioned earlier, the DVD proved to be a challenge in frame grabbling, thanks to Disney’s intentional corruption of its structure in order to make disc copying a smidge more difficult. This was complicated … Continue reading

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Wiki vandal

I agree with the sentiment, if not the means of conveying it. For a few minutes this was at the end of the introduction in Wikipedia’s article on the Channel Nine Network here in Australia: The Nine Network is probably … Continue reading

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Imagining colour

On the most recent Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast the normal ‘Science or Fiction’ segment was run by Richard Saunders, the famous Australian skeptic, known for amongst other things The Skeptic Zone podcast. His first science or fiction question … Continue reading

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Silly audiophile claims … 2

Once I went into a hifi shop, which shall remain nameless. The owner was one of those who believed analogue to be clearly superior to digital. The same shop, at another time, insisted that a high quality composite video cable … Continue reading

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