DVDs and Blu-rays To Die For

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Are there any movies that you would really like which, inexplicably, never appear to have been released on DVD in Australia? One that I love is To Die For, the 1995 comedy crime thriller. I can’t imagine why it appears never to have been released here. Directed by Gus Van Sant, it stars Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon, Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck and Illeana Douglas.

According to IMDB, it was produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed on video by Columbia TriStar. Both of those would now be Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. And indeed, the Amazon.com entry for the US version lists Sony as the distributor. But I naughtily recorded a copy from analogue TV back in 2004, and this opens with a 20th Century Fox logo, so perhaps they have rights here.

Anyway, what movies would you like to be released here?

Update: Here’s another one. It would seem that The Goodbye Girl has never been released on DVD in Australia. Even though only a romantic comedy, you can’t say that it isn’t worthy. Richard Dreyfuss received the Oscar for best actor for his role in this one, and it got four other Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Also won four Golden Globes.

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