3D Escher

One possible artistic use of 3D display technology would be to represent the impossible. Imagine: you have two objects on the screen, one clearly ‘closer’ to you than the other, as conveyed by the 3D rendering.

Now, imagine if that closer object moves behind the object further back. No change in the its apparent position, except that it is blanked out as it reaches the more distant object.

I wonder how that would look.

Meanwhile, how about a free Blu-ray? No label, no box, no slick. But just like the real thing. First in comments (resident in Australia only) making the request gets it. Law Abiding Citizen with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. Picture: 2.35:1, 1080p24, MPEG4 AVC. Audio Dolby TrueHD 24/48 3/2.1 @ 3214kbps. No extras. Locked to Region B. Rated MA.

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