I’ll call it ‘Centre’, you call it ‘Center’

As I mentioned in the previous post, Roadshow sent me the Blu-ray of the recent adventure movie, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. That’s what it’s called on the box, ie: ‘Centre’ or Australian/UK spelling. When I was typing that post, I put in ‘Center’ on the assumption that the localised version had the spelling changed. The discs have ‘Centre’ printed on them as well. The label of the disc is, after all, ‘JOURNEYTOTHECENTER’, and the title as displayed during the credits of the movie, is ‘Center’.

But IMDB also has it listed as Journey to the Centre of the Earth, with the rider ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth (original title)’. Which makes me wonder: does IMDB now show a localised version of the title as the main one, depending on where you are?

Any US readers out there? Would you like to click on the link and let me know in comments how Centre is spelt for you?

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