… but how much infrasonic do you want anyway?

Just pondering my last post (‘Rumbling a Subwoofer with a Cartoon‘) and thinking about those high levels of infrasonic sound. If we posit that there were such a thing as a subwoofer that would deliver down to ten hertz or lower without attenuation, would it be enjoyable? On Titan A.E., I suspect not. Such high levels at such low frequencies would primarily rattle stuff in the listening room and, possibly, make one feel physically ill.

The chances are that the people creating the audio were using a subwoofer no more competent than my own. Consequently, they would most likely not have heard (or, rather, felt) all the very deep bass they were creating. If high fidelity is your listening aim then, somewhat perversely, the best system to listen to any material is not necessarily the best system, but a system with similar characteristics to the monitoring system used by the producers of the audio.

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