Apple iTunes, a masterpiece of obfuscation

Goodness knows when you will see this. Internet for me, at the moment, is thoroughly dead. New computer. Spent Thursday night loading stuff. Likewise Friday morning. During one of its reboots, its graphics card failed. The shop people actually came out and switched it over. Loaded more stuff. Friday night, Internet stopped working. Thought it may have been at the other end, so I waited until this morning. Spent an hour and a half on the phone with a nice lady from India, who eventually decided to kick it upstairs to Telstra Bigpond (my ISP). They will be on to me within two working days. Since it is Anzac Day here today, and since it is a Saturday, Monday is the holiday. So I’m hoping that by Wednesday something will be happening.

Meanwhile, if I don’t put my thoughts down when they occur to me, they will never make it here.

So I’m still installing software in the meantime. The computer itself still works. Time to put in iTunes. As I’ve said lots of times, I love the iPod hardware and detest the iTunes software.

I go looking for the iTunes installation software. I have a CD, of course, from a couple of years ago. But I prefer to load in the latest — the latest, that is, to which I have access in the absence of the Internet. I find that I have the 60MB iTunes setup program for, it turns out, version 7.7. Not too old, and the file is dated July last year, so I figure that will do for the time being.

It installs, but tells me at the end that the file ‘iTunes Library.itl’ is newer than the current version of iTunes. I try to start up iTunes. It tells me the same thing and won’t start.

No hint on what to do. None of the bleeding obvious: ‘Would you like to delete this file and proceed?’ No, it just leaves you hanging. I tried to invoke it by plugging in the iPod. But it delivered the same message, leaving me with an iPod connected and ‘Do Not Disconnect’ written on its screen (it’d probably be okay to disconnect anyway, but you can make certain by clicking on the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the System Tray and following the instructions).

Anyway, I’ve deleted that file (it’s under ‘My Music’) and restarted. Not hard, but if you were a novice, what would you do next?

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