Free speech

The Australian government seems somewhat inclined to adopt a course of evil, in the form of media regulation. It is not for no reason that the first amendment to the US Constitution is phrased as ‘Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press’. It is government from which free speech needs to be protected.

Under the proposals, I suspect even this blog would come close to its regulation.

Read Professor Bunyip on this evil. Sample:

In the Media section of today‚Äôs Australian, various heavyweights weigh in on the inquiry with balanced and nuanced appreciations of its worth, the general view being that the report is worthy of further discussion and refinement. Perhaps they cannot think beyond the report’s endorsement of taxpayer subsidies because they are already bending over, assuming the position. They do not object to being stuffed, apparently, just as so long as they retain the feeble right to negotiate how deep that violation will go.

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