Google and the Bacon Number

From a tweet:

Joel Golby ?@joelgolby
IMPORTANT: if you type “bacon number” + any actor name into Google it will tell you how many degrees of separation they are from Kevin Bacon

Damn, it’s true!

Simon Phillips’s Bacon number is 3
Simon Phillips and Kierston Wareing appeared in Bonded by Blood.
Kierston Wareing and Michael Fassbender appeared in Fish Tank.
Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon appeared in X-Men: First Class

This is the ‘degrees of separation’ lark: how many connections need to be followed to link actor X and Kevin Bacon. X acted in a movie with Y who was in a movie with Z who was in a movie with Bacon, so that’s three degrees of separation.

Meanwhile, for a more renaissance-man style of connections, there’s the Erdös-Bacon-Sabbath number.

This one combines that with degrees of separation from the band Black Sabbath and academic collaborations with mathematician Paul Erdös.

His initial results were Richard Feynman, Stephen Hawking, Brian May (the astrophysicist, formerly the guitarist from Queen) and … Natalie Portman!

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