HDMI cables and 4K

Just a quick note on cheap HDMI cables. I’ve previously ranted about the unfortunate fact of expensive HDMI cables being sold in consumer shops, the outlandish claims so often made for them.

A while back I purchased from The Cable Connection a bunch of cables, including a ten metre HDMI one plus a 5 metre one plus some shorter ones. The cost of the ten metre one? Just $49.95 (one of my other ten metre cables retails for about $700!).

As it happens I for the moment have a full 4K system — UHD TV, Oppo Blu-ray player with 4K upscaling and home theatre receiver with 4K passthrough and upscaling. Which makes for an opportunity to test out the cables. 4K worked fine via 2 metre from Oppo to the receiver and thence via 5 metre cable to the Sony 4K TV. The signal was 24p.

All cables were low cost ones from TCC. I switched to a ten metre TCC cable from receiver to TV. Still perfect performance. The Oppo wouldn’t upscale 1080i60 to 4K at 30p

, which is the highest bandwidth signal the TV is capable of accepting. But the receiver could, so I put on a 1080i60 Blu-ray disc and had the receiver upscale it. Still perfect performance at 4K and 30p.

Don’t get ripped off on your HDMI cables.

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