Was it really that Harrison Ford?

Recently I reviewed Shock Entertainments Blu-ray release of ‘The Doors’ documentary movie, Feast of Friends for Australian HI-FI. The notes from the film-maker were intriguing:

I hired an old friend , Harrison Ford, to help with the carrying of cases and loading of magazines. He accompanied us to the San Jose concert and then on to Bakersfield for another show. Harrison managed to set up a camera and shoot some footage in San Jose with little, if any, training.

Harrison Ford? How many of them can there be?

Well, according the IMDB, on Feast of Friends Harrison Ford is listed as Cameraman for this movie


, and has no other credits. So I didn’t bother to mention this possible coincidence in my review.

But here’s the thing: Wikipedia says of him, in the latish 1960s:

Not happy with the roles being offered to him

thirty one gifts

, Ford became a self-taught professional carpenter to support his then-wife and two small sons. While working as a carpenter, he became a stagehand for the popular rock band The Doors.

So it looks like it was him after all.

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