More DVD/Blu-ray comparisons

I’ve added a few more DVD/Blu-ray comparisons. For those that haven’t checked them out, I take an identical frame from the DVD and the Blu-ray, digitally captured using a suitable application and drive on my computer (I’ve been using LG’s BE06 USB external Blu-ray/HD DVD drive). I select one rectangle in the frame, measuring 250 pixels wide by 300 tall, and capture this from each version. I present these side-by-side at full resolution, underneath a 500 pixel wide version of the full frame. This full frame allows context to be seen. For example, from one of the latest (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe):

Narnia comparison

The full list, along with the rest of my Blu-ray and HD DVD reviews, is here. There are 32 reviews and 15 comparisons. I do add more from time to time. Indeed, there are four more reviews I will be adding in next few days, and comparisons for a couple of them. I usually do five or six comparison shots in the comparisons.

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