At last: Universal Pictures (Australasia) Pty Ltd goes Blu-ray

I’ve been nagging Universal’s PR company on and off over the last couple of months about when the company will be going Blu-ray. Yesterday I received a press release headed: ‘Heroes: Season 2 DVD Release – October 1’. Great for ‘Heroes’ fans, of which I am one, but I was about to use it as an opportunity to take up the Blu-ray issue with Universal again. Fortunately I checked what the release actually said. In brief:

  • ‘Heroes’ Season 2 to be released on 4 disc DVD for $59.95 with a bunch of extras, including a Season 3 sneak peek.
  • Or you can get both Season 1 and 2 as a box set for $99.95.
  • Or you can get ‘Heroes’ Season 2 on Blu-ray for $99.95.
  • Or as a Season 1 on 2 box set on Blu-ray for $179.95.

Release date 1 October 2008.

I’m working with Universal’s PR at the moment to find out more about the company’s Blu-ray release schedule. More as it comes to hand. Meanwhile, remember that Universal had a whole bunch of pretty good movies out on HD DVD prior to that format’s collapse. Porting them over to Blu-ray is, I suspect, a much easier task than creating them in the first place. And with ‘Heroes,’ at least, Universal doesn’t seem to have skimped. The original HD DVD release of ‘Heroes’, Season 1, had both picture-in-picture and Web-enabled content. So, it appears, does the Blu-ray release (and Season 2 as well).

So I guess we can expect such titles as Serenity, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, King Kong and First Blood out on Blu-ray in the fairly near future.

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