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I’ve got some discs to give away, plus some to swap. Before getting to that, though, may I commend to any Australians: purchase Star Trek Season 1 on HD DVD from EzyDVD. This ten disc package, with over 1,400 minutes of content in the full 29 episodes of the first season, is excellent.

Especially if you have a HD DVD player. But even if you don’t, get it anyway. This is a HD DVD/DVD combo production. That is, each disc is HD DVD on one side and DVD on the other. The DVD side is in PAL format. The footage has been restored, and some tastefully enhanced with computer graphics. And while stocks last, it will cost you only $49.83 plus postage. The DVD box set is $99.83! I imagine it will eventually come out in HD again from Paramount — in Blu-ray — but expect it to cost around $250 when that happens.

Now, as to my giveaway and swap. I find myself with three HD DVDs to dispose of. All three are in their original shrink wrap and I’m happy to swap them for any HD DVD or Blu-ray that I don’t already have. The HD DVDs and Blu-rays that I already have are listed here. These are the three I wish to swap:

I also find myself in possession of two Blu-ray discs I’d like to swap for a Blu-ray other than ones that I already have:

Finally, I have three ‘Testmold’ Blu-ray discs that I wish to give away. These are proper Blu-ray discs that will work in any player, but are test discs and so don’t have the proper labels, boxes or slicks. Nonetheless, you will get the full HD movie and all the special extras. These are:

Email me at scdawson¬†[at]¬†hifi-writer.com if you’re interested. Australia only.

UPDATE (Tuesday, 8 July 2008, 1:58 pm): Strike-out applied to above items as they are disposed of.

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