Paramount returns to Blu-ray!

Those with longish memories may recall that when Blu-ray and HD DVD started, two studios were open minded. Warner Bros eventually (ie. this year) decided to go Blu-ray only, while Paramount was allegedly paid a significant sum last year to become HD DVD exclusive.

The collapse of HD DVD earlier this year made it clear that Paramount would have to return to the fold, and now it has … in a big way. I’ve just received a press release in which it states that it will be selling Blu-ray in Australia from 31 July 2008. It will start with four titles. First will be The Spiderwick Chronicles, which will be a day and date release with the DVD, No Country For Old Men, Cloverfield and Shooter.

That’s pretty good, but the news gets better. The press release closes:

Thursday 31st July also marks the start of the studio’s day-and-date Blu-ray strategy with all new release titles from this date forward receiving a dual Standard and Blu-ray release. A list outlining the impressive non-stop avalanche of Blu-ray titles leading into the Christmas period will be released soon.

Looks like Paramount has resumed Blu-ray in a big way.

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