I Know Who Killed Me – the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it movie?

IMDB voting histogram for 'I Know Who Killed Me' I have not yet seen the new Lindsay Lohan movie, I Know Who Killed Me. But it was being advertised on some of the web sites I was visiting today, so I toddled over to the Internet Movie Database to check it out. I find the overall user vote very persuasive (Anime excepted, because there’s little Anime that I enjoy) and this movie scores a very low 4.5/10. Most stuff above 7.0/10 is pretty reliable, and the highest score is in the high 8s.

The front page user comment, however, indicated considerable enjoyment of this movie and remarked that ‘I pretty much anticipate the movie to join the lot of “love them or hate them” flicks’. Easy way to check that out. Click on the number of people who voted for (or against) the movie and it takes you to a demographic breakdown and a histogram of the scores given. That’s the graphic I’ve reproduced here. No doubt about it, this really is a ‘love it or hate it’ movie. Perhaps the ultimate one.

Interestingly, it scored much higher amongst young females that anyone else.

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