Another Blu-ray giveaway – The Da Vinci Code

Actually, two discs because it is the 2 disc special edition version. These are ‘Testmold’ discs, which means they don’t have proper labels and so forth, nor a proper Blu-ray box, nor a slick, but they work just like bought ones.

The discs are region free, but I’d prefer to only pay for postage within Australia. First request in comments scores them.

Data: Audio is Dolby TrueHD, 16 bits, 48kHz @ 1,390kbps. Core is only DD5.1 @ 448kbps. Main feature is 175 minutes long, uses the MPEG4 AVC codec @ 24.44Mbps. There is a BonusView PIP element, BD Live access and bookmarks. Other features are: BD-Live CineChat; ‘Unlocking the Code’ Interactive BonusView PIP (480p24, MPEG4 AVC @ 1.39Mbps), DTS Express 24/48 2.0 @ 192kbps); A First Look at Angels and Demons/Trailer for Angels and Demons (1080p24, MPEG2, DD5.1 @ 640kbps – 7 mins); 27 Select Scenes Commentary with Ron Howard (1080p24, MPEG4 AVC, DD2.0 @ 192kbps – 38 mins); 7669 Test Patterns (1080p24, MPEG2 – 1 min); 17 Disc 2 Featurettes (1080i60, MPEG2, DD2.0 @ 192kbps – 168 minutes); 3 Trailers for other movies (1080p24, MPEG2, DD5.1 @ 640kbps – 5 mins); Booklet

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