Denon introduces the nearly perfect home theatre amplifier

Denon AVC-A11XV home theatre amplifier Denon’s $13,000 AVC-A1XV home theatre amplifier is overkill, with its ten channels of amplification and 45 kilograms of mass. Now Denon has introduced the much more affordable ($6,999) and lighter (23kg) AVC-A11XV, with seven channels, each rated at 140 watts. It has everything in the way of features, including HDMI switching (one HDMI output, three HDMI inputs and one DVI input), picture scaling to HD if you want (using NSV rather than the Faroudja DCDi in the AVC-A1XV), and conversion of all interlaced input standards to whatever HDMI output setting you’ve selected.

It even has a phono input. Plus it supports all extant digital audio standards except for MPEG multichannel. There’s even HDCD support, and Dolby Headphone.

But it has one piece of silliness that I can never understand. There are three optical digital audio outputs, but no coaxial ones. Since I like to have the output of my receiver plugged into the input of my computer, by way of 15 metres of cable, this is irritating.

Still, I’d really, really like one. 1MB PDF brochure here.

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