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A Trip through Home Entertainment Time

A while back reader James came to my rescue with some video tapes so that I could do a VHS vs Blu-ray vs DVD comparison. I grabbed the video fairly quickly, then procrastinated for ages. In the end, though, I … Continue reading

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VHS vs DVD vs Blu-ray

The current issue of Sound and Image magazine carries an article by me called ‘Gettin’ Better all the time’, and it’s primarily concerned with a comparison between the VHS, DVD and Blu-ray versions of movies. It covers Independence Day, Chicago … Continue reading

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Pan and Scan again

About nine years ago I published an article in which I suggested that so-called ‘Pan and Scan’ isn’t always as bad as feared. Pan and Scan is a technique by which a widescreen movie is reformatted to full frame display … Continue reading

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Yes, HD DVD is dead

Well, so that’s it for HD DVD. Just Google News on HD DVD, and you will see that its demise is official. Of course, it’s only Toshiba abandoning the format, but without Toshiba the format is nothing. Interesting parallels: Betamax … Continue reading

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Accurate timing of videos

Rod, who runs the excellent The Chopping List, has asked me: I was talking to a friend who has also adopted a censorship watchdog role about VHS running times for movies. To get a duration for a film on tape … Continue reading

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Philips backs recordable DVDs in a big way

The Australian arm of electronics giant Philips says that it won’t be selling VCRs any more. Philips seems to be the first of what will eventually be many makers pulling out of the field, although I expect that it won’t … Continue reading

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