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DVD Giveaway

Some companies send me DVDs, and occasionally they send me duplicate copies. Or, from time to time I decide to get rid of some discs that I think I’m unlikely to ever watch. So, to reward some loyal readers, I … Continue reading

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The problem with DVD+R

Whenever I’m writing a short piece on consumer DVD recorders, I have to pick and choose what I will actually talk about. That means leaving out some of the things I consider are probably of less importance to the target … Continue reading

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Home theatre receiver power output measurements

Since I outlined my measurement methodology in the entry below, here are some recent results found using that methodology (1kHz output only reported). Model Specification Power output per channel (1kHz continuous) 7 5 2 1 Denon AVC-11SR 7 x 125 … Continue reading

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How — and why — I measure home theatre receiver power output

A reader, Tony, suggested a couple of months ago, that I write an article on ‘The Steve Dawson method of testing Receivers’. I don’t think it’s worth an article as such, but I would like to outline my process, and … Continue reading

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Andrew, from Canberra, writes to me: I refer to your article on the Hitachi DZ-MV580E video camera. I always like to read the Techno write-ups featured in The Guide [in the Canberra Times] each week. I think they are very … Continue reading

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Apologies to all

I have no excuse. Just been variously busy, lazy and in shock. This last came from ballooning excess bandwidth charges. My hosting contract included 500MB per month. In recent months bandwidth has been between 1.5 and 2GB! My $38 per … Continue reading

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