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Too clever by half

Systems for achieving very high levels of data compression use amazingly inventive techniques. But when they are deployed, you should remain aware that what you’re getting is not identical to the original. With ‘lossy’ compression techniques such as MP3 and … Continue reading

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The Loudness War

Here’s a brief video on how processing of sound in order to make it louder also makes it worse: (The clip isn’t appearing in Preview, so here’s the direct link.) The example is somewhat overdone , but there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Are songs getting ‘louder’?

Statistician William M Briggs features on his excellent blog an occasional series of posts dedicated to proving that modern music is crap , at least in comparison to older music. Although there are hints that The Beatles represent the … Continue reading

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Do Video Bitrates Matter?

Well after my little rant yesterday, how about something rather more positive? The answer to my question in the title is: ‘Of course they do.’ The more important question is: how much? My view is that once you get up … Continue reading

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Edge compression effects

I’m working up a Blu-ray vs DVD comparison for the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice and noticed something interesting. [Update: the comparison is here.] Virtually all widescreen Blu-ray discs have, in my experience, conformed to a convention where the … Continue reading

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‘I’ frame rate

MPEG2, VC1 and MPEG4 AVC are all video compression systems that work both intra-frame, and inter-frame. Intra-frame is like JPEG (or like DV for that matter). Each frame of the video is treated as its own independent entity and compressed … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity and DTS-HD Master Audio

Icon Film Distribution is releasing Paranormal Activity in Australia on Blu-ray and DVD on 2 April. This is a film that cost about $US15,000 to make and has since done about $US100 million at the box office. Pretty good ROI! … Continue reading

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Anamorphic revisited

I have a little bit of sympathy for DVD distributors who used pan and scan for some of their titles, at least in the early days. Back then the vast majority of TVs were still 4:3, and that was what … Continue reading

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Efficiency of Audio Codecs

Elsewhere it was pointed out that in my earlier post I was counting in the bitrate of Dolby TrueHD the standard Dolby Digital core, and that this is strictly not necessary for TrueHD. The reason I do that is that … Continue reading

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The Same Encode, But Different

While coverting old posts to the new blog, I happened to re-read one I did on Superman Returns, back in July 2008, called ‘Wasting Digital Real-estate‘. In this I theorised that ‘it looks like an identical encode was used on … Continue reading

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