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At last … 1920 in Canberra

I’m sure that we’ve all worked out by now that all the TV channels that used to be run by Southern Cross Ten are now being run by WIN TV, and vice versa. A bit confusing , but my … Continue reading

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Next month the last remaining areas of Australia with analogue TV will have it switched off. That’s Sydney (3 December) Propecia Ohne Rezept Kaufen , Melbourne (10 December) and remote Australia (10 December). So how much does it cost to … Continue reading

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Digital TV video bitrates – January 2013

Another two stations added to the free to air offerings. There seem to have been significant changes to some of the broadcasters’ bitrates, and indeed several have changed the resolution of their broadcasts. To gather this data, on 2 through … Continue reading

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Variable HD TV

Last night I watched a pretty decent 1950 noir movie, The Damned Don’t Cry, which I recorded a little while ago from GEM. GEM is of course a HDTV station which means, here in Canberra, a 1,440 by 1,080 interlaced … Continue reading

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Digital TV video bitrates – May 2011

More advertising has recently hit our regional TV stations in the form of a channel called ‘GOLD’ using part of the WIN TV spectrum (it’s on Channel 84). Which, of course, prompts me to update the table of video bitrates. … Continue reading

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It’s official – 3D Olympics! But not for all.

Channel 9 sought a license for a trial broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics in 3D, and ACMA has approved it. The trial begins on 16 July and is open for a month, covering the games which run from 27 … Continue reading

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Scoop: Australia to get free to air Olympics in 3D!

I’ve just been on the telephone to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to ask about whether the 2012 London Olympics, which is being filmed in 3D (using Panasonic equipment, so says Panasonic) will be available on free to … Continue reading

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Digital TV video bitrates – September 2011

The other day Prime TV started broadcasting a new channel in its 6/60 bundle here in Canberra, and presumably elsewhere. This is called ‘Television 4’ and is numbered channel 64. It carries primarily advertorial stuff (exercise programs, Foreman grills and … Continue reading

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How 3D TV Works

[This was published in Sound and Image magazine last year] In one sense, the developers of Blu-ray 3D had it easy. They were allowed invent a new video standard, essentially doubling the amount of video data compared to standard Blu-ray. … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t mind being a set top box company right about now

Well, pensioners will be receiving $AUS300 million worth of free digital TV receivers, eh? I wonder if they’ll be HD capable.

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